Balancing Finances

The first step in financial freedom is to balance income and spending.  Click here

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Make a Declaration

Write down the following statement in your own writing, place it on your mirror and read it every day out loud.  "I am financially free.  I am out of debt. I make responsible purchases."

Income is Rarely the Problem

Monthly expenses as well as items that are paid quarterly, semi annually and yearly need to be accounted for in the monthly costs.

Financial freedom is achievable.


Do not read the advertisements or coupon.

They are designed to entice you into purchasing.

Shop at resale and discount grocery stores.

Do not buy anything on sale with credit if you can not pay for it in full when the bill comes.

The interest cost will exceed the savings of a sale purchase.


Wait two weeks to buy any item over $100.

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There is no better Financial Advice than provided

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