Fill Your Time With Positive Influences.

Watching negative, unrealistic or soap opera type  TV is damaging to your emotional stability.  Utilize your time wisely by watching one of the positive on line resources listed on the Tools page in order to become your best.

Be Purposeful

I have noticed that at certain times, my mind goes to the negative.  My mind goes negative, replaying conversations when I am driving.  I have balanced this negative thinking by purposing to listen to Joyce Meyer while I am driving.  By determining when your mind goes negative and purposing to fill it in with positive thoughts will change your way of thinking and your life.

Emotional control is key to achieving life balance.

Get the Help you need free.

Celebrate Recovery meets in your area.  If you have

a hurt, habit or hang up that is slowing you down.  Seek out a Celebrate Recovery Group in your area. The principles taught will help you make the change needed to live a life of purpose.

Check out on line resources.  Find someone that speaks to you.  Listen over and over and over.


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